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May 6, 2008

  Jen Klinesmith

BLM Sponsors Boulder Lake Public Dig

The BLM Pinedale Field Office is sponsoring archaeological evaluative test excavations at the BLM camp ground on Boulder Lake on May 16-18, 2008. 

The public is welcome to visit the excavations and talk to the archaeologists. The purpose is to record and evaluate a known site for National Register significance, and probe the potential extent of archaeological deposits around the camp ground. BLM North Boulder Lake camp site is accessed from U.S. 19,1about 1 ¼ mile north of Boulder, Wyo. on BLM’s improved road that goes to the Boulder Lake dam. This is not the boat ramp site. 

There are twelve volunteer positions available to actually help with the excavations. If you wish to participate, contact Dave Vlcek, 367-5327, Sam Drucker, 367-5358, Dave Crowley, 367-5323 or Rob Schweitzer, 367-5325 for more information.

Volunteers will need to sign a volunteer agreement, take a short safety orientation and have a lot of fun helping the professionals unravel the mysteries of prehistoric occupations at Boulder Lake.   Children are welcome, accompanied by their parent or guardian. BLM will supply all needed archaeological materials. Volunteers will need to bring their own lunch, non-alcoholic beverage, sun screen and personal comfort items.