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December 6, 2007

   Lesley A. Collins

Record of Decision and Approved Casper RMP Available

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Casper Field Office is releasing the Record of Decision (ROD) and Approved Casper Resource Management Plan (RMP) on December 7, 2007. This RMP provides a framework for the future management direction and appropriate use of BLM-administered public lands and resources located in most of Natrona County, and all of Converse, Goshen, and Platte counties, Wyoming.

The Casper RMP was developed with broad public participation through a four-year collaborative planning process. The Approved RMP addresses management on approximately 1.4-million acres of BLM-administered public land surface and 4.7-million acres of Federal mineral estate in east-central Wyoming. The Casper ROD/Approved RMP replaces the 1985 Platte River ROD/RMP.

The Approved RMP is designed to achieve or maintain desired future conditions developed through the planning process. It includes a series of management actions to meet the desired resource conditions for physical, biological, and heritage resources while providing opportunities for various resource uses; i.e. livestock grazing; energy and mineral exploration and development; rights-of-way and corridors; and recreation and off-highway vehicle use.

The Approved RMP is a refinement of the Proposed Plan presented in the Proposed RMP/Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on July 8, 2007. Two protest letters were received during the 30-day protest period. In response to the additional 60-day public review and comment period regarding proposed areas of critical environmental concern (ACECs) that ended on August 7, 2007, no ACEC-related comments were received.

Seven public response documents were received on the Proposed RMP/FEIS. BLM carefully reviewed and responded to all submittals. No inconsistencies with State or local plans, policies, or programs were identified during the Governor’s consistency review. Minor editorial modifications were made in preparing the Approved RMP to provide further clarification for some of the decisions.

The ROD/Approved Plan is available online at http://www.blm.gov/rmp/casper/. For further information contact Linda Slone, RMP Project Manager, Bureau of Land Management, 2987 Prospector Drive, Casper, WY 82604, (307) 261-7520, email CRMP_wymail@blm.gov with Casper RMP in the subject line.




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