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November 7, 2007

Contact: Steven Hall,

BLM Wyoming wild horse gathers set to proceed

The Bureau of Land management will move forward with plans to gather roughly 725 wild horses in the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Management Areas beginning Friday, Nov. 9. These gathers will cost approximately $300,000 to conduct and an additional $500,000 to feed and care for the animals through the next fiscal year.

"The BLM appreciates our partnership with the State of Wyoming in managing wild horses. Maintaining healthy rangelands remains a top priority for the BLM under our multiple use mission. The BLM's appropriate management levels (AML) help ensure forage availability for wildlife and grazing, while protecting the health and sustainability of our nation's wild horses," said Alan Rabinoff, Acting Wyoming State Director. "We try to balance meeting emergency needs like the critical situation facing wild horses in Nevada and the long-term management of wild horses in Wyoming and throughout the nation."

The BLM had previously postponed the Wyoming gathers until 2008.