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June 14, 2007

Contact: Andrew Tkach

Platte Pipeline Road Closed At Fifteenmile Creek

Road washout on Platte Pipeline Road.

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Platte Pipeline Road is closed at Fifteen Mile Creek until further notice due to a washout from heavy rains. The washout is located approximately three-quarters of a mile south of Fifteenmile Road, and 11 miles north of Gooseberry Road.

BLM Range Management Specialist Cam Henrichsen reported the washout at midday Tuesday, June 12. "About 20 feet of the rock gabion is gone in the middle of the channel, and there is a large debris pile containing wire. When the area dries out, it may be possible to navigate a truck through the destruction, but there is a risk of tire punctures." Platte Pipeline Road receives heavy use by pipeline personnel, ranchers, wild horse enthusiasts, and rock hounds.

Barricades and warning signs have been placed at the washout. The amount of time necessary to repair the crossing will be determined after a more thorough survey of the damage has been completed.

For more information, please contact Monica Goepferd at 307-347-5239.





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