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December 1, 2006
Contact: David Simons

Rawlins BLM Releases Final EIS for Comment:
Atlantic Rim Coalbed Natural Gas Development

BLM’s Rawlins Field Office posted the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Atlantic Rim Coalbed Natural Gas Development today on their website, and the official Federal Register Notice was also published today. There is a 30-day comment period for the final EIS, which ends January 4, 2007. The final EIS may be viewed at:


Anadarko Exploration Company and other operators (including Double Eagle Petroleum and Mining Company, and Warren Resources, Inc.) notified BLM’s Rawlins Field Office that they propose to explore and develop coalbed natural gas (CBNG) in the Atlantic Rim area. The project area runs from Baggs to six miles south of Rawlins, Wyoming. The project area encompasses about 270,080 acres—173,672 acres of which are federal surface, 14,060 acres are State of Wyoming lands, and 82,348 acres are private surface.

Anadarko and the other operators propose a maximum of 1,800 coal bed natural gas and 200 conventional natural gas wells may be drilled in the Atlantic Rim project area. Drilling is expected to last for approximately 20 years, with a project lifespan of 30 to 50 years.

Comments to the draft EIS resulted in changes to the analysis, including creation of a new alternative and eliminating Alternative B from consideration. Alternative D is the BLM’s preferred alternative, which allows for natural gas development with intensive reclamation and limited surface disturbance.

The public is encouraged to comment on the final EIS in writing. Written comments on the final EIS will be accepted until January 4, 2007, and may be submitted by mail to:

David Simons, Project Manager
Rawlins Field Office
P.O. Box 2407
Rawlins, WY 82301
or via email at: Atlantic_Rim_EIS_WYMail@blm.gov


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