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October 16, 2006
Contact: Colleen Sievers 307-352-0324
Stephanie Anderson 307-352-0208

BLM Reminds Public To Preserve Historic Artifacts

The Rock Springs Field Office would like to remind hunters and outdoor enthusiasts of the restrictions and regulations that involve the collection and removal of historic artifacts.

The Archaeological Resource Protection Act of 1979 and the Antiquities Act of 1906 are designed to protect the nation’s cultural resources. These laws prohibit the unauthorized excavation, removal, damage or alteration of any archaeological and historical site or object.

“Pottery, stone tools, arrowheads, and other remains of early inhabitants are protected by law because they may provide important links to our past,” said Colleen Sievers, Archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office.

BLM also encourages everyone to check land status and get permission from landowners before accessing private land for any outdoor activities. Maps showing the location of public lands are available at BLM offices throughout the state.

For more information on BLM policies and local procedures, please call Colleen Sievers at 307-352-0324.


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