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August 17, 2006
Fire Information Center:
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Fire Update
Jackson Canyon Fire
Casper, Wyoming

Fire Facts:
Date Started:

August 14, 2006

Cause of Ignition:



Casper Mountain, 6 miles South of Casper Wy.


11,297 acres

Percent Contained:


Est. Time of Containment:

8/31/2006 2000

Number of Personnel:
Total #:

4 type 2 crews, 1 type 1 crew,


2 type 1, 1 Type 2 restricted, 1 type 3,and 3 National Guard Blackhawk Helicopters, 2 fixed wing air attack


4 Dozers, 27 Engines, 5 Water Tenders



Structure Threatened: Lost:

4 structures 1 vehicle



Firefighters begin to Make Progress on Jackson Canyon Fire

Todays Activity: The Great Basin National Type 1 Incident Management Team has assumed management of the Jackson Canyon Fire. Progress was made on all divisions by constructing fireline using available handcrews and dozers where possible. Engines patrolled the Jackson Canyon road ensuring the fire did not cross it. The structure protection group assessed structures for possible future actions and assisted in fortifying division B. Impressive fire behavior occurred near the Goose Egg area. This triggered an evacuation of some residents in the area by emergency management personnel.

The fire was mapped using aerial and satellite mapping equipment this evening. The updated estimate of the fire perimeter is 11,297 acres as of 1900 on August 16. An update on the acreage will occur today.

Today crews will continue to construct fireline to secure the east and north flank. Mandatory evacuations remain in place.

A fire information meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Hall of Champions at the Central Wyoming State Fairgrounds, 1700 Fairgrounds Road.

Tomorrow’s Planned Activity : Structure protection will continue along Goose Creek Road and within Casper Mountain Fire Protection District. Crews will continue to establish line in Division B to secure the east flank, and crews will hold and improve line in Division A at the north flank. Along Jackson Canyon Road crews will hold line in Division V. Mandatory evacuations will remain in place.

Other Important Messages: Firefighter and public safety is the top priority for the Jackson Canyon Fire. Please refrain from driving into the fire area if you are not part of the suppression effort. Residents are also advised to keep windows shut and air filters clean and avoid breathing smoke if possible.

Evacuation information can be found at www.casperwy.gov or by calling 307-235-9555.


Last updated: 03-03-2007