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Contact(s): Rich Olsen, Team Leader (307) 251-0567
Merle Glenn, PIO (970) 210-1714

Fire Prevention/Education Team To Have Presence At State Fair

With an active wildfire burning on Casper Mountain and growing threats to structures and resources, a five-person national fire prevention and education team based in Casper, WY is quickly adjusting their educational messages to answer public inquiries.

The Team is prepared to share information about the implications of wildfire in the wildland-urban interface and to help address questions pouring in from the public in around the Casper area and across the state of Wyoming.

“We will be delivering wildland urban-interface messages, along with the general prevention and education information as we conduct activities at the State Fair in Douglas, at a community celebration in Story, and at visitor’s centers, malls, libraries and other places where the team is working,” said Rich Olsen, team leader.

“The highly visible Jackson Canyon Fire on Casper Mountain has provided the Team and interagency cooperators with a teachable moment that we will use to our advantage. When there is an active, threatening fire, it becomes readily apparent to those who live in the wildland urban-interface that information offered through programs like Firewise, is based on years of study and gives property owners good advice on preparedness and recovery from wildfire,” Olsen said.

“Firefighting resources deployed across multiple areas of the nation will be more heavily impacted if human-caused fires are not kept at a minimum. The prevention and education team makes a concerted effort to work with County Emergency Response Teams (CERT), in-coming fire management teams and local, state and federal agencies and organizations to get wildfire information out to the public in Wyoming,” Olsen said.

To news editors and producers: Field and in-office interviews are available along with informational materials on wildland fire prevention and education. Team members: Rich Olsen, Team Leader (307) 251-0567, John Bear, PIO, (970) 683-9012, Merle Glenn, PIO, (970) 210-1714, Naomi Marcus, Prevention Team Member, (719) 238-8974. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Team members may be reached on cellular phones from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Email: wyfpet06@yahoo.com


Last updated: 03-03-2007