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June 28, 2006
Contact: Andrew Tkach

City, State, BLM Cooperate on Tree Removal

The City of Worland, State of Wyoming, and the Worland Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to remove several unwanted trees from the Sunrise Park area and Sage Creek Park.

Earlier this year the Worland Tree Board received a $1500 Tree Planting Cost-Share Grant from the Wyoming Urban and Community Forestry Program. The money was used to plant new trees to replace dead, dying, or undesirable trees such as Russian Olive, now classified as a Wyoming weed. The grant required a match from the Worland Tree Board either in funds or volunteer labor, but because of other ongoing projects the city has not had the available equipment or manpower to do the job by itself. On Friday morning however, a BLM North Zone Fire crew arrived with chain saws and reduced the trees to firewood in short order. Later, a city crew with dump trucks and a front-end loader arrived to pick-up the remaining piles of branches.

In a spirit of cooperation, small teams from the city and BLM met and dispatched a half dozen trees in a matter of hours.


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