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June 8, 2006
Contact: Andrew Tkach

Seismic Project To Begin

Ground work on the Clark 3D Geophysical Survey has begun on private land, in accordance with agreements reached between land owners and the operator. The Bureau of Land Management is in the final stages of evaluating the operations plan before issuing a notice to proceed on public land.

“We’ve completed an environmental assessment and have approved the action with appropriate environmental safeguards” said Mary D’Aversa, Cody’s BLM Assistant Field Manager for Minerals and Lands. Operations on public land are expected to be authorized in mid June.

Seismic equipment will begin arriving by mid June, and heliportable operations will follow in early July. Surveying crews will work from the northern area boundary and proceed southward. Contractors hope to have all charges in place in August when seismic data collection will begin. Recording will continue for 30 days.

Charges will be buried 30 feet under ground and detonation will be unnoticeable on the surface beyond 100 feet. Seismic testing will be confined to daylight hours, and helicopter operations from one hour after sunrise, to one hour before sunset. BLM and Forest Service inspectors will be monitoring the project.

Onlookers are advised to avoid approaching crews and the immediate work area once equipment is in place.


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