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April 27, 2006
Contact: Rey Adame 307-352-0399
Gavin Lovell 307-828-4512

BLM Kemmerer to Host Wildland Fire Use Public Meeting May 1st

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting a public meeting at 1 p.m. Monday, May 1, in the BLM Kemmerer Field Office to discuss wildland fire use (WFU).

Federal Wildland Fire Policy provides fire managers a wide range of fire management response for naturally ignited wildland fires. These responses can vary from aggressive full suppression actions, limited suppression or Wildland Fire Use by monitoring and predicting the fires movement across the landscape in areas where ecological benefits are high and values at risk are low. “With a Wildland Fire Use response, we now have an opportunity to use a naturally ignited fire as a land management tool to maximize the benefits,” said Gavin Lovell, fuels program manager for the Kemmerer BLM field office. BLM and county fire representatives will be on hand to answer questions.

The proposed area is north of Cokeville in the Raymond Mountain Wilderness Study Area.

For more information contact Gavin Lovell at 307-828-4512.


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