NEPA Resources

This page has been designed to assist BLM specialists and third-party contractors preparing NEPA-related documents for the BLM-Rock Springs Field Office to be in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. All NEPA-related documents must meet the mandates of NEPA as well as guidelines provided by the Bureau of Land Management. Below, you will find links to the Act, policy and implementation guidelines. In addition, you will find links to information pertaining to resources found within the field office and beyond. We hope that you will find these sources helpful.

Law, Regulations, Guidance & Helpful Links

Documenting the Analysis

The following links are provided for your convenience. These sites should help provide baseline data for your use in gathering information for preparation of the analysis and should be especially helpful for describing the affected environment.

RMP, Topography & Ownership

Fluid & Solid Minerals


Cultural Resources

Air Quality & Water Quality

Hazardous Materials

Soils, Vegetation & Rangeland

Recreation & Wilderness

Geology & Paleontology

Biological Resources - Wildlife (General)

Listed, Proposed for Listing Species (ESA)

BLM Sensitive Species

NEPA Links