Rawlins Field Office

Continental Divide-Creston Natural Gas Project

FY 2016

Final Environmental Impact Statement

BLM Releases Environmental Analysis on Continental Divide-Creston Natural Gas Expansion Project - 04/18/16 

FY 2014

Air Quality Technical Support Document - 7.6mb 

  • Appendix A: Model Performance Evaluation of the CD-C CAMx Simulations - 10.1mb
  • Appendix B: WRAP Phase III O&G Surrogate Development - 204kb
  • Appendix C: VOC Speciation Profiles for O&G Sources - 71kb
  • Appendix D: Model Performance Evaluation of the 2005-2006 MM5 Simulations - 1.6mb
  • Appendix E: Diagnostic Sensitivity Test Modeling Results - 765mb
  • Appendix F: Development of the 2008 Baseline Emission Inventory - 1.8mb
  • Appendix G: Development of the 2005-2006 Base-Case Emission Inventory - 2.6mb
  • Appendix H: CDCProposed Action Project Emissions Inventory - 2.9mb
  • Appendix I: 2008 Baseline Modeling and Assessment of Regional Air Quality - 2.4mb
  • Appendix JCriteria Pollutant Plots - 1.4mb 
  • Appendix K: Modeled Activity Assumptions and Emissions Controls - 221kb
  • Appendix L: CDC No Action Project Emissions Inventory- 2.8kb

FY 2013

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Press Release - 12/31/12 

Press Release - 12/07/12 

Volume I  
Volume II  
 Air Quality Technical Support Document

FY 2006

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