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Public Scoping

The scoping period for the Moneta Divide Natural Gas and Oil Development Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was January 17 to March 4, 2013. This page provides links to material presented during the scoping meetings held March 12-14, 2013, other information distributed during the scoping period, and the Scoping Report. The Scoping Report provides an overview of the scoping process and summarizes the key issues and concerns raised during the scoping period

Scoping Report - May 2013

Scoping Materials


  1. Project Area - 474kb
  2. Surface and Mineral Ownership - 281kb
  3. Air Resources - 707kb
  4. Wildlife, Greater Sage-grouse and Raptors - 414kb
  5. Wildlife, Big Game, Prairie Dogs and Mountain Plover - 813kb  
  6. Special Status Plants and Wetlands - 431kb
  7. Grazing Allotments - 224kb
  8. Paleontology - not posted at this time
  9. Cultural Historic Trails - 198kb
  10. Major Land Resource Areas - 193kb 

While the official scoping period is now closed, you may submit comments at any time which the BLM will consider during EIS development. Comments may be submitted by mail, email, or dropped off at the Lander Field Office.

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