Kemmerer Field Office

Grazing Permit Renewals 

FY 2015

Leroy Allotment #11320

FY 2014

Dempsey Basin

Sage Chicken Flat


FY 2013

Cumberland Allotment

Cottonwood Allotment

Carter Lease Allotment

FY 2012

Carter Lease Allotment

Border, Cook, Sims Canyon, State Line, Thomas Canyon, Turner, Wasatch, Woodruff Reservoir Allotments

FY 2011

Sage Creek-Christensen-Westfork

FY 2010

Sidehill, Jackman and Gourley


Mountain View

FY 2009

Sage Creek-Christensen-Westfork

Leavitt Creek and Leavitt Bench 

Boyd Hollow, Seizmore and Stoner

Haystack Draw, Spring Hollow, Valley Creek, Crompton Reservoir, Whitney Canyon, Fowkes

Hoodoo, Underwood, Tom Goure, Pine Creek and Mayfield