Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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High Plains District Office


Hay Creek II Coal Lease Application  

FY 2013

News Release - 05/01/13 

Notice of Availability - 05/01/13 

FY 2012

Project Status (updated 02/08/2012)

FY 2011

Final Environmental Impact Statement - single file - 17.4mb 

FEIS - section-by-section

  • Cover, Dear Reader Letter, Abstract816kb 
  • Table of Contents, Abbreviations - 610kb 
  • Executive Summary - 2.24mb 
  • Chapter 1Introduction - 754kb 
  • Chapter 2:  Proposed Action & Alternatives - 655kb 
  • Chapter 3Affected Environment & Environmental Consequences - 7.86mb 
  • Chapter 4Cumulative Analyses - 3.76mb 
  • Chapter 5Consultation & Coordination - 192kb 
  • Chapter 6References Cited - 132kb 
  • Chapter 7Glossary - 165kb 
  • Chapter 8Index of Key Words - 46kb 
    • Appendix AFederal and State Agencies and Permitting Requirements - 30kb 
    • Appendix BUnsuitability Criteria - 143kb  
    • Appendix CCoal Lease-by-Application Flow Chart - 298kb  
    • Appendix DComments on Draft EIS and BLM Responses - 5.6mb  
    • Appendix EBureau of Land Management Special Coal Lease Stipulations and Form 3400-12 Coal Lease - 34kb  
    • Appendix FCBNG and Conventional Oil and Gas Wells Capable of Production in the General Analysis Area - 258kb  
    • Appendix GAir Quality Technical Support Document - 314kb 
    • Appendix HNon-Mine Groundwater and Surface Water Rights - 491kb 
    • Appendix IEnvironmental Quality Council Ruling Respective of Hay Creek Tract as an Alluvial Valley Floor - 503kb  
    • Appendix JBiological Assessment for Federally Listed Species Under The Endangered Species Act - 744kb 
    • Appendix KBureau of Land Management Sensitive Species Evaluation - 235kb 

FY 2010

Project Status47kb

Federal RegisterNotice of Availability

Draft Environmental Impact Statement - single file - 11.3mb

DEIS - section-by-section

FY 2008