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Gateway West Transmission Line Project

FY 2014

Record of Decision

Segments 8 & 9 - BLM Idaho

News Release - 11/12/13 
November 2013 Newsletter
Other access to the ROD:

Review a copy at a public reading room, BLM or Forest Service Office

Request a CD version of the final EIS online or call 1-800-380-5828

The Record of Decision (ROD) was released on November 14, 2013. The ROD identifies the BLM authorized route on public lands for Segments 1 through 7 and Segment 10. As explained in the ROD and initially presented in the final EIS, the BLM has chosen to pursue a phased decision for the project, deferring the decision for Segments 8 and 9 until a later date. Visit the BLM Idaho website for updates on the siting process for these segments.

The route as authorized in the ROD is the same as the BLM preferred alternative as presented in the final EIS for Segments 1 through 7 and Segment 10. A portion of Segment 4 in Lincoln County, Wyoming was modified following the release of the final EIS to minimize potential impacts on sage-grouse, ground disturbance in a landslide area, and conservation easements.

The BLM used the following criteria to select the authorized route:

  • Avoid BLM-identified preliminary priority sage-grouse habitat and Wyoming core habitat areas.
  • Avoid designated areas such as National Monuments, Wilderness Study Areas, National Landscape Conservation System areas and State and local parks.
  • Avoid Visual Resource Management Class II areas.
  • Follow existing corridors or linear structures.
  • Avoid sensitive species habitat, including bald eagle nests and big game winter range.
  • Avoid cultural and natural resource areas.
  • Route on public land where practical.
  • Allow for reasonable construction costs associated with the preferred route.

The ROD includes:

  • The BLM's responses to public comments on the final EIS.
  • Information on required mitigation and monitoring plans.
  • Right-of-way (ROW) authorization for Segments 1 through 7 and Segment 10 including the BLM rationale for its ROW decisions.
  • Information on the BLM's decision to defer authorization on Segments 8 and 9.
  • Updated Plan of Development (POD) from Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power.
  • The BLM's responses to land use plan amendment protests.
  • The BLM's response to the Idaho Governor's land use plan consistency appeal.

For additional segment-specific information see section 1.10 of the ROD.

News Release – 11/12/13 

Federal Register - Notice of Availability - 11/14/13 

Record of Decision - Full document - 47.2mb