Worland Field Office

 Inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics


The Bureau of Land Management Worland Field Office updated the Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Inventory to incorporate Instruction Memorandum 2011-154: Requirement to Conduct and Maintain Inventory Information for Wilderness Characteritics and to Consider Lands with Wilderness Characteristics in Land Use Plans, and to repsond to additional information. 

The following pages are exceprts from the Lands with Wilderness Characteritics Inventory files maintained by the Worland Field Office.  For the 2011 update, only those areas found to possess wilderness characteristics are included.  The 2011 update revises the identification name assigned to each unit.   

Separated Files - High Resolution Map and Inventory Form by Unit

WY-010-102 A 3.62mb

WY-010-213 A - 3.11mb

WY-010-104 B - 4.35mb

WY-010-218 A - 2.18mb

WY-010-111 A - 4.22mb

WY-010-220 B - 2.52mb

WY-010-115 A - 3.03mb

WY-010-221 B - 4.31mb

WY-010-126 B - 3.81mb

WY-010-221 C - 2.85mb

WY-010-126 C - 3.73mb

WY-010-221 D - 2.68mb

WY-010-126 D - 3.41mb

WY-010-221 E - 3.30mb

WY-010-126 E - 3.79mb

WY-010-222 C - 3.75mb

WY-010-130 B - 3.13mb

WY-010-231 A - 3.55mb 

WY-010-130 C - 3.47mb

WY-010-236 B - 3.89mb

WY-010-130 D - 4.10mb

WY-010-239 B - 3.41mb

WY-010-130 E - 4.05mb

WY-010-240 B - 3.38mb

WY-010-131 D - 3.40mb

WY-010-240 C - 3.38mb

WY-010-131 E - 3.63mb

WY-010-241 D - 2.45mb

WY-010-131 F - 3.65mb

WY-010-242 B - 3.11mb


WY-010-242 C - 3.67mb