Rock art near Worland, Wyoming. Scenery along the Red Gulch-Alkali Backcountry Byway near Worland, Wyoming. Duck Swamp Interpretive Area near Worland, Wyoming. Scenery in the Gooseberry Badlands near Worland, Wyoming. Dinosaur track at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite near Worland, Wyoming.
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Worland Field Office

Top Ten Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Regulations 

1. Stay on the trail.

  • The BLM designates areas as either “limited to existing roads and trails” or “limited to designated roads and trails”. Check with your local BLM office before heading into the field.
  • Limited vehicle travel off existing or designated roads and trails to accomplish "necessary tasks" and certain leisure-time activities up to 300 feet from roads is allowed only if travel does not cause resource damage, create new roads or extend existing roads. It is not always possible to retrieve downed game with a vehicle. Be prepared and bring a game cart, pack frame or horses to retrieve your game. A 300 foot limit is recommended to prevent resource damage.
  • Cross-country travel off existing roads within and beyond the 300 foot limit is prohibited.
  • Driving off road in Wilderness Study Areas for any reason is not allowed.

2. A driver’s license is required.

  • Unlicensed operators must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

3. An OHV must be registered.

  • BLM roads within the Worland Field Office area are considered open for OHV use.
  • A Wyoming State OHV Permit or a license plate is required on BLM lands.
  • If a vehicle is licensed in a state other than Wyoming, a Wyoming registration sticker is required.

4. A spark arrester is required and must be SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved.

5. Open containers of alcohol are prohibited in or on a moving motor vehicle.

6. Driving while impaired is prohibited.

  • The effects of driving under the influence are the same off-road on an OHV as they are in an automobile on the highway.

7. The camping limit is 14 days.

  • This includes camping equipment and parked trailers.
  • You must move more than 5 linear miles after 14 days.

8. It is unlawful to harass, pursue, hunt, shoot or kill game with a vehicle.

9. Shooting from, upon, along or across a public road is illegal.

  • It is prohibited to discharge any type of firearm within one-quarter mile of developed sites (eg. campground, trail head, etc.)

10. Brake lights, tail lights and headlamps are required ½ hour after sunset until ½ hour before sunrise.

For more information, call 307-347-5100 or visit the Ride Legal! website.

The BLM offers a $250 reward for information leading to the conviction of any person damaging your public lands through OHV violations, vandalism or any other criminal activities in the State of Wyoming.