Rock art near Worland, Wyoming. Scenery along the Red Gulch-Alkali Backcountry Byway near Worland, Wyoming. Duck Swamp Interpretive Area near Worland, Wyoming. Scenery in the Gooseberry Badlands near Worland, Wyoming. Dinosaur track at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite near Worland, Wyoming.
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2008 National Public Lands Day

Gebo/Crosby Historic Mining District Project
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gebo Number 1 Mine and the town of Gebo, Wyoming, in the early 1900s.
Gebo, Wyoming in the early 1900's.

The landscape around Gebo, Wyoming, as it looks now.

The landscape around Gebo, Wyoming as it looks now.

2006 NLPD participants at Gebo, Wyoming.

2006 National Public Lands Day participants at Gebo, Wyoming.

The BLM and Hot Springs County Museum and Cultural Center are working together on a multi-year project to develop a public trail and interpretive site at the Gebo/Crosby Historic Coal Mining District.

Gebo/Crosby was part of the original discovery of coal in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin, and was the areas largest producer of coal in the early 20th century. The Jones mine opened in the summer of 1889 as the first commercial production in the District. Later, the Gebo Number 1 Mine produced from the same coal seam. 

The towns of Gebo and Crosby, located approximately one mile south, do not appear in the 1900 census, but both were occupied in 1907 during the USGS survey of the area. 

Mining in this area largely ended in 1938. Many of the facilities are still present and provide good association and continuity for interpretive purposes.

In celebration of the Antiquities Act, the 2006 Worland NPLD event focused on placing three interpretive signs within the area, and cleaning up trash.

The 2008 NPLD event is scheduled for Saturday, October 25, and will focus on improving the old rail beds for walking and bicycling trails, and establishment of a designated parking area.