Boars Tusk near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Paintbrush on BLM-administered public lands near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Off highway vehicle on sand dunes east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Wild horses on the Salt Wells Herd Management Area near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Oregon Buttes near Rock Springs, Wyoming.
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  updated 05/15/09

The Bureau of Land Management is required to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act, commonly known as NEPA. This page replaces the NEPA Project Report previously released to the public as a newsletter. Only major projects are mentioned on this page. Major projects are defined as those projects for which BLM seeks public input during the NEPA process.  You can view the status of all NEPA documents (NEPA Register showing categorical exclusions, environmental assessments, or environmental impacts statements) produced since fiscal year 2005 for the Rock Springs Field Office. You can view entire NEPA documents by fiscal year (NEPA documents) for all field offices.

Active Projects

Hiawatha Regional Energy Development EIS
Questar Exploration and Production Company and Wexpro Company propose to drill exploratory and development wells on their leases within existing natural gas fields in southern Sweetwater County, Wyoming and northern Moffat County, Colorado. The project area of approximately 157,335 acres is generally located within Townships 11-14 north, Ranges 99-102 west, about 55 miles south of Rock Springs.

The proponents propose to drill up to 4207 new wells primarily within the boundaries of the existing Hiawatha, Canyon Creek, and Trail units of southwest Wyoming and northwest Colorado. It is estimated that about 66% of the proposed wells will be in Wyoming with the remainder in Colorado. The total number of wells ultimately drilled will depend on production success, drainage area, technology, economics, commodity prices and environmental restrictions. This proposal assumes that the wells will be drilled conventionally, i.e., with vertical well bores. All proposed wells are anticipated to be drilled during an approximately 20 to 30 year period after project approval.

Issues tentatively identified include: wildlife winter range, raptor nesting, soil erosion, reclamation, grazing conflicts, Colorado River salinity control, historic trails, and road maintenance.

The Preferred Alternative has been developed and is being finalized in active consultation with the Wyoming governor's office, other Wyoming agencies, and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. The Proposal is currently being modeled for air quality impacts with the results tentatively scheduled to be completed by September 2009. The Draft EIS may be available to the public for a 90 day comment period by February 2010.

For more information contact: John MacDonald (307-352-0238).

Normally Pressured Lance
EnCana Oil and Gas proposes to drill 85 wells within BLM administered lands located approximately 68 miles northwest of Rock Springs. This project area borders the Jonah field on the west, south and east. It is known as the Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) administered by both the Rock Spring sand Pinedale field offices and includes the Crimson, Sol, and Hacienda Federal Units. The majority of the wells (70), will be located within a “core area” while the remaining 15 wells will be scattered throughout the rest of the project area and drilled on an as needed basis to maintain EnCana’s leasehold rights.

For the proposed action the project area encompasses a total of 70,155 acres with the 6,225-acre “core area” to the south of the Jonah field. During project development an alternative to the proposed action was identified. It encompasses a total of 63,931 acres with the 6,178-acre “core area” to the south and west of the Jonah field. The plan of development for the NPL calls for an average well density within the "core area” of one well per 80 acres and a maximum density of one well per 40 acres. EnCana proposes initial drilling in the core area to begin in 2009 and continuing for five years.

Since 1999, 14 natural gas wells have been drilled within the Project Area. The geology and subsurface conditions of the Lance formation within the NPL project area are unlike the conditions of the Jonah Field. The pressures of the hydrocarbons at depth are lower and the field boundaries less defined.

Development activities would include construction of well pads, drilling, completion and production, testing, and construction of ancillary facilities. Other project components would include access roads, gathering pipelines, production equipment, and compressor stations. EnCana would use as much of the existing Jonah infrastructure (e.g., access roads and pipelines) as possible. The exact locations of wells and access roads would be determined during the Application for Permit to Drill (APD) process.

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is being prepared for the proposed action and the alternative associated with the NPL project. The 30-day public scoping period ended on March 30, 2008. Upon completion of the EA a 30-day cooperator/BLM review will occur.

For more information contact: Joanna Nara-Kloepper at 307-352-0238. 

Desolation Road Exploratory Gas Wells  

Projects Approved But Within Regulatory Appeal Period

Certain projects may be implemented full force and effect even though regulations allow for a State Director Review (SDR) or appeal to the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA). The following projects fall within these time frames.

Implemented Projects

The following projects have been approved, have been or are currently being implemented. The projects have been organized by fiscal year for your convenience.

Horseshoe Basin 3D Seismic Survey 
Marianne 3D Seismic Survey 
White Mountain Wind Energy Project 

Devon Energy Drilling Proposal
Horseshoe Basin 3D Seismic Survey
Luman Rim Project
Normally Pressured Lance Natural Gas Development Project
Puma Prospect 
Red Desert Livestock Conversion
Rubicon 3D Seismic Survey Project
Tommy James Basin Sand and Gravel Sale
White Mountain & Little Colorado HMAs Wild Horse Gather 

Pit 14 Coal Lease-by-Application Project

FY 2006
Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan
Monell Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

FY 2005
Pacific Creek 3D Geophysical Project

Bitter Creek Shallow Gas Project
Dickie Springs Placer Gold Exploration Project

FY 2004
West Flank 3D Geophysical Project
Ten Mile Rim Coal LBA & Associated ROW Project
Pacific Rim Shallow Gas Project
Simpson Gulch 3D Geophyiscal Project
Desolation Flats Natural Gas Project
Salt Wells 3D Geophysical Project
Little Monument Natural Gas Project
Copper Ridge Shallow Gas Project
Hay Reservoir 3D Geophysical Project

FY 2003
Lower Bush Creek CBM Exploratory Pilot Project
Monell CO2 Pipeline Project

FY 2002
EA for the Jim Bridger Power Plant Flue Pond Expansion
South Jonah 3D Vibroseis Project
Vermillion Basin Exploratory and Development Project
Quantum Geophysical Project

FY 2001
Haystack Geophysical Exploration Project
Pacific Creek Temporary Surface Pipeline
Wolverine Exploratory Drilling Project

Continental Divide/Wamsutter II
Continental Divide Scenic Trail