Boars Tusk near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Paintbrush on BLM-administered public lands near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Off highway vehicle on sand dunes east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Wild horses on the Salt Wells Herd Management Area near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Oregon Buttes near Rock Springs, Wyoming.
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Rock Springs Field Office

Lands & Realty

The variety of lands actions that are processed by the Rock Springs BLM include:

Rights-of-way: Right-of-way grants are issued for a variety of uses of public land. Examples are: roads, pipelines, communication sites, power lines, telephone lines, etc.

Temporary Use Permits:  These are issued for 6 months to 3 years for temporary working areas in relation with rights-of-way.

Land Use Permits: These are issued for 6 months to 3 years for temporary use of the land.

Recreation & Public Purpose (R&PP): Leases or patents are authorized to state or local government entities or non-profit organizations for such things as parks, firehouses, schools, etc.

Land Sale: Sales of land occur very infrequently. It is rare and unusual for BLM to offer public land in Rock Springs Field office for sale.

Land Exchange: Exchanges are considered if the proponent possesses land with resource values that BLM wishes to acquire.  Exchanges are considered with willing proponents who share equally in processing costs with BLM. The exchange must be in the public's interest as determined in initial scoping processes.

Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF): These projects are funded out of Washington DC for acquisition of fee title or conservation easements of unique resource values.

Trespass: Unauthorized use of public land will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The BLM has established a web site from which the public may now access land and minerals information from the agency's LR2000 database. This site provides direct access to services that previously required a visit to an information access center at one of the BLM's regional offices. Information concerning oil and gas leasing, rights-of-way, mining claims locations, etc., may be found by visiting BLM's Lands and Minerals Records LR2000 website.

To apply for a right-of-way, a company, community or individual needs to meet with a BLM Realty Specialist and present a description of the piece of land and the purpose for the request.

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