Boars Tusk near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Paintbrush on BLM-administered public lands near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Off highway vehicle on sand dunes east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Wild horses on the Salt Wells Herd Management Area near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Oregon Buttes near Rock Springs, Wyoming.
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Rock Springs Field Office

Jack Morrow Hills Report - January 2009

The Rock Springs Field Office (RSFO) has been in the process of implementing management decisions and actions from the Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan (JMH CAP) since the Record of Decision (ROD) was signed in 2006. 

Many of the management decisions were immediately implemented at the time of the signing of the ROD, including identification of lands available for oil and gas leasing, and are administratively final. 

“Most activities identified as implementation decisions in the JMH CAP will require the preparation of additional NEPA analysis, which considers project and site-specific conditions and identifies mitigation to reduce impacts, before approval/initiation. Examples include future oil and gas lease sales, grazing permit renewals or future land exchanges. Public involvement opportunities, including further protest or appeal opportunities, are provided at that time” (JMH CAP ROD pg.4, 5).

Our RSFO Interdisciplinary Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Team, with the help of our Interagency Working Group, will be reviewing decisions/actions from the Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan and will provide advice on monitoring and data evaluation. “Money, personnel, and time are not available to monitor all actions. BLM will use an Interagency Working Group to provide advice on monitoring priorities and data evaluation” (JMH CAP Appendix 2, pg. A2-3).

Jack Morrow Hills accomplishments:

  • Completed Bush Rim cultural inventory (National Register Nomination), completed trail inventory (National Historical Trails), and participated in a Native American film project for ADA accessibility (Travel and Tourism/BLM/Tribes)
  • Participated in educational outreach with local schools and the public
  • Completed Boars Tusk Implementation Plan, completed Pinnacles Implementation Plan,  initiated Jack Morrow Hills Sand Dunes Implementation plan, completed road survey for all of Jack Morrow Hills area, completed Visual Resource Management (VRM) classifications, conducted Wilderness Study Area (WSA) monitoring, conducted visitor use monitoring and sign replacement, issued special use permits, and increased law enforcement patrols
  • Completed White Mountain Implementation Plan, completed site improvement for White Mountain Petroglyphs recreation site, and renewed withdrawal of mineral location in White Mountain Petroglyphs
  • Completed Red Desert livestock conversion EA, improved grazing management plan, ongoing trend monitoring for livestock grazing, and issuing of grazing permits
  • Completed wild horse census for 2006-2007, gathered wild horses from  Great Divide Basin Herd Management Area to maintain Appropriate Management Level (AML),  established monitoring sites for determining competition between wild horses, livestock and wildlife
  • Conducted repairs and maintenance on all riparian and upland exclosures within Jack Morrow Hills, ongoing monitoring of sensitive plant species and various ecological studies
  • Conducted reclamation monitoring and weed control
  • Conducted population monitoring of elk, mule deer and pronghorn, funded elk collaring project, conducted analysis of elk data, organized wildlife GIS database files, conducted sage-grouse habitat assessment of riparian exclosures, ongoing sage-grouse surveys and pre-leasing surveys, maintained well guzzlers, conducted sand dune insect inventory and completed studies for sage brush obligate bird species


  • Previously deferred/suspended oil and gas leases in the Jack Morrow Hills area will be re-instated on July 19, 2009.