Boars Tusk near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Paintbrush on BLM-administered public lands near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Off highway vehicle on sand dunes east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Wild horses on the Salt Wells Herd Management Area near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Oregon Buttes near Rock Springs, Wyoming.
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Rock Springs Field Office

Jack Morrow Hills Report - December 2007

Oil & Gas

  • Five Notices of Staking (NOS) have been received in the Nitchie Gulch area in Management Area 2. Onsite inspections are tentatively scheduled for this winter. Updated information is available from Jeromy Caldwell at 307-352-0259.

    Well Name



    Nitchie Gulch 13-15
    Section 15 T23N R103W
    (Inside Core Area and Steamboat Mountain ACEC)
    Nitchie Gulch 42-32
    Section 32 T24N R103W(Inside Core Area and Steamboat Mountain ACEC)
    Nitchie Gulch 23-13
    Section 13 T23N R104W
    (Outside Core Area)
    Nitchie Gulch 23-24
    Section 24 T23N R104W
    (Outside Core Area)
    Nitchie Gulch 22-25
    Section 25 T24N R104W
    (Inside Core Area)
  • Two wells have been permitted within the JMH boundary since the signing of the Record of Decision in July 2006. Although these wells have been approved since fall 2006, there has been no drilling activity. These wells are in the Nitchie Gulch area in Management Area 2 in sections 7 and 9, T23N, R103W.
  • There are 161 suspended leases within the JMH project area. These leases will come off suspension no later than July 2009 unless a request is made to continue the suspension by the lease holder.
  • Harpoon Well #3-12, Section 12, T25N R105W, was drilled, plugged, and abandoned in the Fall of 2006. Reclamation of the site needs to completed.
  • Updated information is available from John MacDonald, 307-352-0238


Continental Peak Allotment Grazing Conversion
  • BLM is evaluating a proposal to convert permitted sheep use to cattle use on the 88,000-acre Continental Peak Allotment. The permittee proposes a sheep to cattle livestock conversion, several range improvement projects, and implementation of a 3-year grazing treatment for the Continental Peak Allotment.
  • Updated information is available from the BLM at 307-352-0256

Riparian Enhancement

Continental Peak Allotment Riparian Protection Projects
  • Riparian enhancement projects are proposed to optimize livestock and forage distribution through water availability and grazing management while maintaining and protecting healthy riparian, wetland, and aquatic sites. 
  • These proposed projects were also designed to improve wildlife and wild horse habitat, maintain viewsheds, open spaces, and protect historic resources. The projects were designed to help the allotment meet or maintain the Wyoming Standards for Healthy Rangelands. This would be accomplished by increasing the amount of available water for livestock through a series of new water developments, pipeline expansions, and riparian fencing that is designed to be the least restrictive to wildlife passage.
  • There are 14 total projects proposed within the allotment, including 6 fencing projects and 8 water wells. Adjustments to the proposal have been made to protect such factors as wildlife habitat, cultural resources, sensitive plant species, sensitive animal species and related habitat, and provide access for allotment management operations and the general public.   
  • A riparian exclosure would be built around Dickie Springs to protect riparian vegetation. Exclosures would also be built around Long Slough, Upper Sweetwater River, and Oregon Gulch if riparian goals are not met.
  • Tentative funding has been obtained through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), as well as from a variety of other sources through the Cooperative Conservation Initiative (CCI) Challenge Cost Share and Private Stewardship Grant Program in 2004.
  • Updated information is available from the BLM at 307-352-0256