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Jack Morrow Hills Coordinated Activity Plan &
Proposed Green River RMP Amendment/Final EIS

Greater Sage-Grouse Information
Although greater sage-grouse nesting habitat data and information were included as part of the Surface Disturbance and Seasonal Limitations map (Map 50), the nest habitat boundary was not clearly depicted. Likewise, many readers expected to find the nesting habitat boundary as part of Map 17 (Sensitive Avian Resources). To address these concerns, a map of the nesting habitat has been made available on the JMH CAP website.

Other Updates
Other inquires have been received concerning the need to enlarge Figures A17-1 and A17-2 depicted in Appendix 17 (Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Process - see Final EIS, Volume 2) for closer review. To address this need, links to the two enlarged versions of the figures follow.

Volume 1

Volume 2