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Hydrology Road (BLM Road 3422)

biking the Continental Divide trail

mountain bikers

mountain bikers

mountain bikers

mountain bikers

This route follows two-track and improved graveled roads. It starts near the Continental Divide and crosses over the Divide twice. Vegetation includes sagebrush, aspen, and cottonwood. Spectacular vistas of the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range Mountains abound. Wildlife viewing opportunities exist for antelope, elk, deer, and raptors.

From Rawlins, head south on State Highway 71 that becomes Carbon County Road (CR) 401 about 11 miles south of Rawlins. Continue on CR 401 for about 17 miles. Start riding at BLM Road 3422 (Hydrology Road) and head easterly 17 miles to intersect with CR 500. Head westerly on CR 500 for 15 miles to CR 401. Turn north on CR 401 and ride three miles to the start of the ride. This 35 mile loop route can be ridden in either direction. For those that would rather stay on two-track roads (avoiding graveled roads) this route can be an out-and-back ride of 34 miles. This route does cross private land so ask permission before riding off of public roads.

  • Distance -A loop ride of approximately 35 miles with some opportunities for side trips.
  • Riding time - 2 to 5 hours
  • Elevation - 8,130' on west end, 7,250' on east end
  • Maps - BLM 1:100,000: Baggs; USGS Topographic: Middlewood Hill, Jack Creek Reservoir

Deep Gulch

This route uses a combination of improved dirt/graveled and two-track roads. Riders can start either on the lower or upper end and make a loop ride, an out-and-back ride on a two-track road, or arrange a shuttle back to the vehicle. If you are planning a loop or out-and-back ride, you'll have some climbing to enjoy. Vegetation includes sagebrush, serviceberry, aspen, and limber pine. Opportunities to view antelope, deer, elk and raptors exist.

There are two ways to access this ride. From State Highway 789 (the Baggs highway) at Dad (20 miles north of Baggs or 28 miles south of Creston Junction) head east on Carbon County Road 608 about 6 miles, turn on to BLM Road 3305. Proceed for 1/2 mile and get on BLM Road 3308 proceeding easterly about four miles. Cow Creek will be on your right. Park here and either ride up Deep Gulch on the two-track road or ride on BLM Road 3308. Access is also available from Rawlins on state, county, and BLM roads, but you will need the BLM maps to find your way. It's not difficult to find, but too long a description for this space.

  • Distance - A loop ride of approximately 30 miles with some opportunities for side trips.
  • Riding time - 2-5 hours
  • Elevation - 6,640' on lower end, 7,768' on upper end
  • Maps - BLM 1:100,000: Baggs, Rawlins (for access from Rawlins only); USGS Topographic: Garden Gulch, Ketchum Buttes, Pole Gulch

Shirley Mountains

This area consists of roads that start in the sagebrush flats and climb among the pine, fir, and aspen. Choose a variety of road surfaces from maintained graveled to undeveloped two-tracks. Wildlife viewing of deer, elk, and antelope is common. Some private land is on the mountain so ask permission before riding off of public roads. Also, there may be active logging operations on the mountain so be alert for equipment and logging trucks.

From State Highway 487, 22 miles north of Medicine Bow, take the State Highway 77 turnoff. Proceed nine miles to Carbon County Road 102. Head west two miles to BLM Road 3115 or continue another seven miles to the western junction of BLM Road 3115 at Prior Flat Campground. BLM Road 3115 is a loop road through the Shirley Mountains.

  • Distance - A variety of rides can be found from a 31-mile loop ride based out of Prior Flat Campground (no water available) to shorter rides on the mountain.
  • Riding time - 1 hour to all-day trips
  • Elevation - 7,130' at Prior Flat Campground to 9,151' on the mountain
  • Maps - BLM 1:100,000 Shirley Basin; USGS Topographic: Pine Hill, the Q Ranch

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