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FY 2001 Standards & Guidelines Priority List
Muddy Creek Watershed

Allotment NameAllot. #WatershedGrowing Season UseDuration Of UseDistribution ConcernsNo AMP/AgreementPlan Present/Not WorkingRiparian not PFC/FAR303(D) ListNoxious WeedsNon-Native, Intensive WeedsT&E HabitatSensitive Species HabitatLivestock Affecting Wildlife Hab.WH above AML'sWH Resource IssuesWH Outside HMAPFC or Closer Look NeededS&G Already DoneAllot. Only Partially in WSComments
Adams Ranch 10501Muddy Creek                *  
Badwater10601Muddy CreekXX              **erosion conc. Blown out res.
Baggs Subunit403Muddy CreekX              X   
Beaver Dams *405Muddy Creek X       XX     *  
Big Robber10503Muddy CreekXXXX           X  erosion-spreaderdikes
Big Robber Spd.10503Muddy CreekX  X           X  erosion-spreaderdikes
Brimmer Pasture10721Muddy Creek      X            
Cherokee *408Muddy CreekXXX XXX   X    X * 
Coal Bank Draw1144Muddy Creek                ** 
Continental10506Muddy CreekXXX         XX X * 
Cottonwood Hill10508Muddy Creek XX            X * 
Dad442Muddy Creek      X   X     *  
Deep Creek Pasture456Muddy Creek          X      * 
Deep Gulch412Muddy Creek  X       X    X   
Doty Mountain415Muddy CreekX         X    X*  
East Muddy443Muddy CreekX         X     *  
Echo Springs10607Muddy Creek                ** 
Fillmore10609Muddy Creek                ** 
George Dew10531Muddy Creek          X     ** 
Grizzly417Muddy CreekX      X XX     ** 
Hdqt Ranch10529Muddy Creek X X      X        
J.O. Pastures448Muddy Creek          X        
Little Robbers514Muddy CreekX                  
Mexican Flats10515Muddy CreekX            X    erosion-spreaderdikes
Mexican Graves10516Muddy Creek XX     X X   X *  
Morgan Ranch426Muddy Creek                   
North Baggs10624Muddy Creek   X               
North Barrel10611Muddy Creek   X         X   * 
North LaClede10613Muddy Creek X           X  ** 
North Pine Butte10612Muddy Creek                *  
Pine Grove *10623Muddy Creek      XX  X     ** 
Rasmussen *1123Muddy CreekXXXX           X * 
South LaClede10610Muddy Creek X X    X     X    
South Barrel10525Muddy Creek        X     X *  
South Flat Top10526Muddy CreekXX X              erosion-spreaderdikes
South Muddy10530Muddy Creek                *  
South Pine Butte10625Muddy Creek                *  
Sulpher Springs *433Muddy CreekXXXXX X  XX    X*  
Tipton10621Muddy Creek X     X        ** 
V Spreaders10527Muddy Creek                   
West Wild Cow457Muddy Creek  X       X        
Wild Cow435Muddy Creek  X       X        
Willow Creek10528Muddy Creek       X   XX   ** 
* allotments not meeting standards due to livestock grazing


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