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FY 2001 Standards & Guidelines Priority List
Little Snake River Watershed

Little Snake West = LSW / Little Snake East LSE

Allotment NameAllot. #WatershedGrowing Season UseDuration Of UseDistribution ConcernsNo AMP/AgreementPlan Present/Not WorkingRiparian not PFC/FAR303(D) ListNoxious WeedsNon-Native, Intensive WeedsT&E HabitatSensitive Species HabitatLivestock Affecting Wildlife Hab.WH above AML'sWH Resource IssuesWH Outside HMAPFC or Closer Look NeededS&G Already DoneAllot. Only Partially in WSComments
44 Ranch10532LSW   X               
Adobe Town *10502LSW   X X      XX  *  
Airheart Past1101LSW                   
Cedar Ridge1104LSW   X               
Cedars1135LSW   X               
Cherokee Trail505LSW XX           X *  
Continental10506LSWXXX    X    XX   * 
Cow Creek *10509LSWXXXX X      XX  ** 
Espitalier *10511LSWXXXX X      XX     
Grindstone Spring10512LSW   X        XXX *  
Hill Pasture1111LSWX  X               
Little Powder Mtn.10513LSW  XX        XX  ** 
Poison Buttes10518LSWX                  
Poling Iso Trk.1122LSW   X               
Powder Mtn. *10519LSWXXX    X    XX  *  
Powder Rim10520LSWX X           X *  
Red Creek10521LSWXXX         XX  *  
River Bottoms10522LSW                   
Rotten Spring10523LSWXXXX X          *  
Sand Creek10524LSW     X  X   XX  *  
South Baggs1129LSW   X               
State Line 401134LSW   X               
Willow Creek10528LSW       X    XX  ** 
Pioneer Draw1121LSW   X               
Reader1124LSW   X               
South Pasture1130LSW                   
Anderson Iso. Tk.1138LSE               X   
Anderson Iso. Tk. 21141LSE               X   
Big Gulch1102LSE                   
Cherokee *408LSEXXX XXX        X** 
Cobb Iso Tk.1139LSE               X   
Cottonwood Creek690LSE                   
Cushing1106LSE               X   
Deep Cr. Pasture456LSE                ** 
Dirty-man413LSE               X   
Dolan1107LSE               X   
East Brown Hill1142LSE               X   
Etherinton1108LSEXX X           X   
Fly Creek1109LSEXX X               
Grieve Iso. Tk.1136LSE                   
Grieve Res.1140LSE                   
Grizzly417LSEX     XX        ** 
Hartt Creek418LSE       X           
Hell Canyon1110LSE               X   
Little Horse Mtn.1112LSE       X           
Little Sandstone1113LSE                   
LU Grieve Past1143LSE                   
McCarty Canyon421LSEXXX X           ** 
McCarty Ranch421LSE               X   
Mexican Meadows1117LSE X             X   
Morgan Creek425LSEXX X            ** 
Morgan-Boyer *1118LSE X     X           
N. Rasmussen1119LSE X X               
N. Savery Creek10400LSE               X   
Rasmussen *1123LSEXXXX X         X   
Reader Basin Past1125LSE       X           
Road Gulch1126LSE   X               
Sage Creek *430LSEXXXX X          ** 
Savery Creek431LSE                ** 
Sheep Mtn.1127LSE   X               
Spring Gulch1132LSEXX X               
Standard *1133LSEXX X           X   
Truck Driver Creek444LSE               X   
Upper Savery Creek688LSE                   
West Brown Hill1103LSE               X   
Walter Home1145LSE                   
West Loco *689LSE XXX  XX           
* allotments not meeting standards due to livestock grazing


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