Pinedale Field Office


The Pinedale Field Office's wildlife program provides management recommen-dations for the habitats associated with numerous types of wildlife including sage-grouse, big-game, eagles, raptors, prairie-dogs, and others. The staff coordinates with other resource staff and completes necessary impact assessments for authorized projects. The staff also coordinates with other federal and state wildlife agencies in developing conservation strategies for wildlife management.

Currently the staff is involved in numerous conservation planning efforts for wildlife including grizzly bear, Canada lynx, sage-grouse and pygmy rabbit. By providing the best possible management recommen-
dations, the wildlife staff ensures that decisions made by manage-ment incorporate the needs of wildlife habitat. In the future, the wildlife staff is working on becoming more pro-active with management actions to ensure that wildlife conservation is a major goal of the BLM.

Closure Notice


Wildlife Exceptions

The following links reflect application information for wildlife exceptions. These tables are updated weekly by Pinedale Field Office staff.

A December 2002 news release explains the Pinedale Field Office policy regarding the winter exception program.

Wildlife Survey Protocols