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Scenic Drives

The Pinedale area has a number of scenic roads that access a variety of different terrain types and ecosystems on public lands. Please follow posted speed limits and be on the lookout for animals and slow moving vehicles. Automobile travel during the dawn and dusk hours can be especially hazardous due to low light and the possibility of animals on the roadway.

Fremont Lake Road / Skyline Drive

Fremont Lake Road & Skyline Road.

Turn north on Fremont Lake Road (immediately to the east of Falers General Store). This road (combined with Skyline Drive) is approximately 17 miles long and accesses BLM, Forest Service, and private lands. White Pine Ski Resort, Fremont Lake, the CCC Ponds, Halfmoon Lake, and Elkhart Park Trailhead are all accessed by this scenic paved road.

Scenic and wildlife viewing opportunities abound on this awe-inspiring drive, just remember to keep your eyes on the road!