Pinedale Field Office

Seasonal Closures

Off-Highway Vehicles

Travel by off-highway vehicle (OHV) can be a fun and exciting way to experience Wyoming’s public lands. Many miles of trails and roads provide scenic backcountry avenues for exploration, hunting, wildlife watching, fishing, and access to areas off of the paved highway system.

Respect Your Public Lands

If used incorrectly OHV’s can be detrimental to soils, plants, wildlife, and humans. OHV impacts can include but are not limited to: soil erosion and loss, plant life destruction, noise pollution, wildlife disturbance, water pollution, and air quality degradation. 

Regulations & Seasonal Closures

OHV use on BLM lands is limited to existing roads and trails. Seasonal closures (to motorized use and human presence) may exist in certain areas for the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat. Contact the Pinedale Field Office (307-367-5300) for information on seasonal closures or additional ORV use information.