Pinedale Field Office

Know Before You Go

Safety Tips

Obtain Maps and Current Information

The terrain in the Pinedale area is varied, sometimes heavily forested, hilly, or mountainous, with few major roads. Use of a map for orientation purposes is recommended, as is knowing the ownership of a parcel of land before you venture onto it. Maps showing land status can be purchased by contacting the BLM Pinedale Field Office. (307) 367-5300

Inquire locally or through an online weather or transportation site as to the condition of roads you plan to travel on.

Inform Others of Your Plans

Make sure to tell someone your travel plans. This person can initiate a rescue or contact emergency services if you fail to return on time.

Dress Appropriately

Be aware that weather conditions often change rapidly and unpredictably. A warm sunny day can quickly turn to rain, snow, or thunderstorms. Bring waterproof rain / wind gear and extra insulating layers. Use footwear appropriate to the activity and environmental conditions. Synthetic clothing (polypropylene or similar) and wool provide the most warmth when wet. Choose these materials over cotton when going out for the day.

Carry an Emergency Kit

Pack along an emergency kit appropriate to the season and terrain in which you will be traveling. If driving remote roads or entering the backcountry consider taking multiple fire starting tools and burnable material, a portable shelter, sleeping bag, water treatment pills or filter, cookware, energy food, ax, first aid items, signaling device, extra clothes, etc.

A Note on Electronics

Cell phones, satellite phones and GPS units may not work due to remoteness or topography. It is a good idea to carry topographic maps, a compass, signal mirror, and a whistle as backup orientation and communication alternatives.

Be "Bear Aware"

Grizzlies and black bears are found throughout western Wyoming. Care should be taken when dealing with food products and garbage as bears can be attracted to the scent. Keep a clean camp and do not leave food and garbage in the open.  Make noise and travel in groups when in bear country, especially in thick or heavily wooded areas with poor visibility. When in bear country you may want to carry a bear deterrent such as a firearm or pepper spray specifically designed for use when encountering bears.

Permits & Fee Areas

Commercial outfitters, guides, competitive events, organized groups, vending, and entities conducting business on BLM lands need to possess a Special Recreation Permit.  To obtain more information contact the Pinedale Field Office at 307-367-5300.

Some campgrounds may require a fee to cover the costs of electric hookups, toilets, and maintenance.

Length of Stay

  • Limited to 14 days in any one site on BLM lands. 

Food, Fires, Trash & Human Waste

Food Storage Guidelines

In order to help keep Wyoming’s animal population healthy, please practice responsible food storage. Animals that are exposed or habituated to human foods can become dependent upon them resulting in health and behavioral conflicts. Please practice the following guidelines on food storage when camping or recreating on BLM lands.

  • Do not leave food unattended at any time unless properly stored
  • Food stored overnight should be enclosed in some sort of animal-resistant container
  • Aromatic items such as toothpaste, sunblock, lip balm, deodorant, and cooking utensils should be stored along with your food items
  • Store food at a location that is at least 300 feet away, preferably down hill and downwind from your sleeping area.
  • Your cooking area should be at least 300 feet away, preferably downhill and downwind from your sleeping area.
  • Use a food storage technique that “animal proofs” your food and aromatic items.
    • Examples are bear resistant canisters, food storage lockers, a closed vehicle, food hanging devices/methods, etc.


Please leave the land you visit in the same or better condition than you found it.    Use existing fire rings and avoid burning non-burnable items like cans or bottles. Make sure your fire is out before leaving camp, and scatter and disguise fire rings when vacating a site.


Pack it In-Pack it Out- Please pack out all trash, toilet paper, and hygiene products. Inspect your camp for trash before leaving. Some BLM campgrounds have “animal proof” dumpsters. Please use these to dispose of your camp trash and make sure the lid/hatch is closed when you are finished.

Washing Cookware

When washing dishes, go at least 200 feet away from water, use small amounts of biodegradable soap, strain out food particles, and sump or broadcast the leftover water (gray water). A sump is a small hole in well drained ground into which you can pour dishwater (minus the food particles, of course). Broadcasting is a technique for spreading gray water so that smells are not concentrated in one spot. Simply empty your pot of dishwater forcefully throughout a 180 degree arc, aiming for distance and even coverage. Make sure dishwashing occurs 300 feet or more from your sleeping area.

Human Waste

Deposit human waste at least 200 feet from water sources or camp, in a small hole 6-8 inches deep, preferably in organic soil. Cover and disguise the cathole.

Dogs on BLM Land

Dogs can have a negative impact on wildlife. Animals chased or scared off by dogs may deplete valuable energy stores needed for survival, and subsequently perish at the mercy of the harsh Wyoming environment. Please keep your dog under control at all times.

Horses & Pack Stock

Horses and pack animals are frequently used to access the Wind River Mountains. While this is an excellent way to get into the mountains, care must be taken to prevent damage to valuable resources 

Seasonal public land closures

Certain BLM administered lands within the Pinedale Field Office are subject to closure to motorized travel and/or human presence during certain time periods in order to protect crucial winter range habitat and wintering animal species.