Moose near Pinedale, Wyoming. sage-grouse Fontenelle Gap near Pinedale, Wyoming. muledeer Badger near Pinedale, Wyoming.
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Pinedale Field Office

Recreation Opportunities

Gateway to Adventure

Public lands administered by the Pinedale Field Office are some of the most beautiful and productive in the state of Wyoming.  The lands administered by this field office encompass more than 900,000 acres. 


Located approximately 70 miles south of Jackson, the town of Pinedale sits directly west of the magnificent Wind River Mountains and Bridger-Teton Wilderness. To the north and west are the Gros Ventres (pronounced “grow-vont”) and Wyoming Ranges, each with a unique topography and wilderness character. To the east of town, sagebrush and glacial remnants dominate the landscape before quickly giving way to the forested uplands of the Wind River Mountains, which reach to over 13,000 feet.  To the south are vast, sagebrush spotted highlands offering suitable habitat for a large number of wildlife species.  

Weather & Environment

Pinedale lies at an elevation of 7100 feet, a high elevation sagebrush steppe with shifting and unpredictable weather patterns. Temperatures in the summertime range from an average low of 55 to an average high of 77 degrees F. The wintertime average low is around 0 degrees F with the average high at around 30 degrees F. Keep in mind though that these are averages and day to day temperatures can be well below or above the listed averages.

The warmest month on average is July and the coldest is January. The greatest amount of precipitation ordinarily occurs during the month of May. Due to its high elevation, snow can fall during any season in Pinedale, with a higher likelihood of occurrence in the mountains. As a result, seasonal road closures exist, preventing access to many recreation sites during the winter, spring and fall months.


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