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Pinedale Field Office

Lands & Realty

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The variety of lands actions that are processed by Pinedale BLM include:

Rights-of-way - Right-of-way (ROW) grants are issued for a variety of uses of public land.  Examples include roads, pipelines, communication sites, power lines, telephone lines, etc.

To apply for a ROW, a company, community or individual needs to meet with a BLM Realty Specialist and present a description of the piece of land and the purpose for the request.

If want to acquire a ROW from a company or individual, the ROW must be assigned through the BLM.  Transfer of a BLM access road ROW does not occur with title transfer when you purchase private property.

Temporary Use Permits - These are issued for 6 months to 3 years for temporary working areas in relation with rights-of-way.

Land Use Permits -  These are issued for 6 months to 3 years for temporary use of the land.

R&PP - Recreation & Public Purpose - Leases or patents are authorized to state or local government entities or non-profit organizations for such things as parks, firehouses, schools, etc.

Land Sale - Sales of land occur very infrequently. It is rare and unusual for BLM to offer public land in Pinedale Field office for sale.   We have not had a public sale in over 50 years.  Therefore, we do not maintain a mailing list for public sales.

Land Exchange - Exchanges are considered with willing proponents.  The exchange must be in the public's interest as determined in initial scoping processes.

LWCF - Land & Water Conservation Fund - These projects are funded out of Washington DC for acquisition of fee title or conservation easements of unique resource values.

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- Unauthorized use of public land will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The BLM has established a web site from which the public may now access land and minerals information from the agency's LR2000 database. This site provides direct access to services that previously required a visit to an information access center at one of the BLM's regional offices. Information concerning oil and gas leasing, rights-of-way, mining claims locations, etc., may be found by visiting BLM's Lands and Minerals Records LR2000 website.