Boulder Landscape Plan

The Boulder area was chosen for the first Landscape Planning Area for a number of reasons: it is a priority area for the Jonah Interagency Office mitigation efforts; its vegetation, wildlife and other data is current; livestock grazing permittees in the area have been working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to initiate ranch plans; the area encompasses important sage-grouse, mule deer and pronghorn habitat; and the area includes cultural and historical resources such as the Lander Trail.

An environmental assessment and draft plan should be available for public review in the fall of 2009.

In 1997, the Secretary of the Interior, under the terms of 43 CFR 4180, approved the Wyoming Standards for Healthy Rangelands and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management. These standards and guidelines are to be used to improve and/or maintain the health of all BLM-administered public lands. The Pinedale Field Office will be visiting grazing allotments in the Boulder Landscape Plan area this summer to determine if they meet these standards, You are invited to participate in this rangeland health assessment.

We recommend that you review the Standards and Guidelines closely. If you wish to participate in the health assessment or have any questions, please contact Kellie Roadifer, Supervisory Rangeland Management Specialist, at 307-367-5309.

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