Pinedale Landscape Planning Initiative

In 1997, the Secretary of the Interior, under the terms of 43 CFR 4180, approved the Wyoming Standards for Healthy Rangelands and Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management. These standards and guidelines are to be used to improve and/or maintain the health of all BLM-administered public lands.

Resource Management Plan

Pinedale RMP

Landscape Planning Areas


The Pinedale Resource Management Plan (RMP) revision was completed in November 2008. To implement the RMP and promote management of resources in the Pinedale Field Office area, the BLM has initiated a Landscape Planning process, dividing the field office area into 12 landscapes. For each landscape, the BLM will complete the transportation planning that was committed to in the RMP and conduct site-specific environmental analysis of livestock grazing in support of renewal of the livestock grazing permits in the landscape area. In addition, projects or vegetation treatments that would benefit the recreation, wildlife habitat and cultural resources programs will be studied. Each landscape plan will have an environmental assessment (EA) completed to describe the resources involved and analyze the potential impacts of any on the ground projects proposed.