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Historic Timelines on the Mallo Camp Ponderosa Pine

Located South of Mallo Camp on Public Lands Managed by the Newcastle Field Office 

 1656 – The tree is already 4 feet tall.
Because it takes at least 15 years for a Ponderosa pine to reach this height, the seedling was established in 1641 or earlier.

1742 - A year of widespread wildfires in the Black Hills.
French Canadian fur trappers Francois Louis Verendrye and his sons were the first known Europeans to enter Wyoming.

1776 – Independence Day.

1785 – A year of widespread wildfires in the Black Hills. Most of the old growth trees in the area were established after these fires.

1803 – Louisiana Purchase.

1823 – Jedediah Smith loses his ear to a grizzly bear along the Cheyenne River.

1825 – The first treaty between the Sioux tribes and the US Government.

1851 - First Treaty of Fort Laramie between the Lakota Sioux and the US Government. 

History of a Ponderosa Pine as illustrated by a core sample.
* click the core history image to open an 11"x17" (732kb) version in a new window. Cursor over the new image and click to zoom in.

- Second Treaty of Fort Laramie between the Lakota Sioux and the US Government.

1869 – Wyoming becomes a Territory.

1874 – Custer’s expedition in the Black Hills and the beginning of the Black Hills gold rush.

1889 – The City of Newcastle is founded.

1890 – Wyoming becomes a State.

1897 – Black Hills Forest Reserve is established.

1903 – Teddy Roosevelt visits Newcastle.

1933 - The General Land Office transfers the land the tree is growing on (320 acres) to the Black Hills National Forest.

1970 – The Black Hills National Forest transfers the land to BLM.

2008 – The core sample is taken from the tree (4 feet above the ground level).


Core sample collected by Brett Blumhardt (NFO) & Bob Means (WSO) Sept. 2008

Core aged & mounted by Bob Means

Last updated: 01-13-2011