Lander Field Office

Mountain Bike Trails

Atlantic City/South Pass

This area is rich in 19th century mining history. Travel graveled roads to Atlantic City, South Pass City State Historic Site, the ghost town of Miner's Delight, or just ride along two-track roads through stands of pine and aspen. Wildlife viewing of antelope, deer, elk, moose, and raptors exists.

From Lander, go south about 28 miles on State Highway 28 to the Atlantic City turnoff. Travel the gravel road for about 1/2 mile from the pavement. You can park here and start following the signs to Atlantic City/South Pass City or Miner's Delight along the Ft. Stambaugh Loop Road. Several routes are available along county and BLM roads. Please be aware of vehicle traffic when riding in this area as well as private property. Atlantic City and Big Atlantic Gulch BLM campgrounds (water available) make good base camps.

  • Distance - A variety of rides from the 11-mile Ft. Stambaugh Loop Road (BLM 2324), including Miner's Delight, to all day rides taking in Atlantic City and South Pass City State Historic Site. Many other rides can be found in this area.
  • Riding time - 1 hour to all-day trips
  • Elevation - 8,100' at campgrounds, 8,275' at Miner's Delight, 7,781' on east end of Ft. Stambaugh Loop Road, 7,584' at Atlantic City, 7,805' at South Pass City
  • Maps - BLM 1:100,000: Lander, South Pass; USGS Topographic: Miner's Delight, South Pass, Atlantic City, South Pass City, Louis Lake

Green Mountain

Green Mountain provides great riding among the aspen, pine and spruce. Spectacular views of the Sweetwater River, Ferris Mountains, the Great Divide Basin and Whiskey Peak are found from Wildhorse Point Overlook. Road surfaces range from well maintained graveled to two-track roads. Wildlife that can be viewed include antelope, deer, elk, and wild horses. This area may have on-going logging and fuelwood cutting activity, so be aware of any equipment and logging trucks.

From U.S. Highway 287, six miles east of Jeffrey City or 17 miles west of Muddy Gap, take the Green Mountain Road (BLM Road 2411). You can start riding here or base out of the BLM Cottonwood Campground (water available). BLM Road 2411B provides access to Wildhorse Point Overlook.

  • Distance - A variety of rides are available from a 31-mile loop from the highway to various shorter distances based out of Cottonwood Campground, including a 16-mile round trip to Wildhorse Point Overlook.
  • Time - 1 hour to all-day trips
  • Elevation - 6,322' at the highway, 7,820' at Cottonwood Campground, and 9,040' at Wildhorse Point Overlook
  • Maps - BLM 1:100,000: Bairoil; USGS Topographic: Split Rock NW, Sagebrush Park

Oregon Trail

Opportunities to ride along the Oregon Trail exist. When done in a low impact manner it is an excellent way to view the trail and trail corridor as it was seen by the pioneer immigrants. Due to intermingled private property along the trail, please contact the Lander Field Office for information on routes that are available to ride.