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Whiskey Peak is located approximately 40 miles north of Rawlins, WY, or fives miles southwest of Muddy Gap on the westside of U.S. Highway 287. The peak, at an elevation of 9,225 feet, provides excellent views of the surrounding area that includes the Ferris Mountains, Great Divide Basin, Green Mountain, and the Sweetwater Rocks. Vehicle access to the peak from the town of Bairoil follows a mixture of improved dirt roads and rough primitive two-track roads that cross private, state, and BLM-administered public lands.

Since the mid-1980s, Whiskey Peak has become known as an excellent hang glider foot-launch site. Word of mouth among pilots has turned this site into an internationally-known location for world class records for cross-country flights. A world record flight of 287 miles was set from the peak in 1988. The peak is also known as a site from which intermediate pilots can obtain personal records that often exceed 100 miles. By keeping an eye on the skies around Whiskey Peak you may be able to spot a hang glider "catching a ride" on a thermal, often soaring 2,000 feet above the launch site before heading downwind in search of other thermals to maintain their flight of a lifetime.