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Camping Opportunities

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Camping in Bear Country

Green Mountain is located in southcentral Wyoming about ten miles south of Jeffrey City and about 50 miles northwest of Rawlins (as the crow flies). It provides the only developed recreation facilities in an alpine setting in a several hundred square-mile area. The best access route to Green Mountain is Green Mountain Road (BLM Road 2411), an improved gravel road which intersects U.S. Highway 287 about six miles east of Jeffrey City.

Named for the green timber which covers it, Green Mountain and its neighbors, Crooks Mountain to the west and Whiskey Peak to the east, comprise a small mountain range by Rocky Mountain standards. Green Mountain has no hard rock core but was formed from sediments eroded from the much older Granite Mountains just to the north. Crooks Mountain and its adjacent Crooks Gap and Crooks Peak were named after Civil War veteran and Indian fighter General George H. Crook.

Green Mountain has a long history of mineral and other resource production. Wyoming's first uranium mill was established in the area in the 1950s. During the uranium boom of the late 1970s, Jeffrey City had over 4,000 residents, or 20 times its present population. Timber harvesting and oil exploration and production, along with livestock grazing, remain important economic activities.

All BLM offices in Wyoming have 1:100,000-scale land ownership status/topographic maps available for $4.00 each. The Bairoil map covers the Green Mountain area.

Developed Recreation Facilities

Cottonwood Campground -
Located 11 miles from U.S. Highway 287 on the east loop of the Green Mountain Road along Cottonwood Creek. The reconstructed site features:

  • 18 campsites
  • fire rings
  • garbage collection
  • water
  • picnic tables
  • vault toilets
  • Fee : $6.00 per night

**   Cottonwood Campground is closed from early December - early June due to winter road conditions. Contact the Lander Field Office for the most up-to-date information.  **


Wild Horse Point Picnic Area -
Located 17 miles from U.S. Highway 287 on the east loop of Green Mountain Road. The site features:

  • picnic tables
  • vault toilet
  • garbage collection
  • cooking grills and fire rings

Camping in Bear Country

Bears inhabit the Green Mountain area. Minimize the possibility of encountering a bear by following a few simple tips:    

  • Always keep a clean camp.
  • Use a designated camping area.
  • Don't leave food out when not in use. Store it in bear-resistant storage unit, hard shelled vehicle or car trunk.
  • Use bear-resistant trash receptacles.
  • Set up tents with space between them.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • Keep your sleeping area, tent and sleeping bag free of food and odors.
  • Don't sleep in clothes you wore when you prepared or cooked food.
  • Keep a flashlight and bear pepper spray readily available.


  • Sightseeing - spectacular views of the surrounding Wyoming landscape are easy to find.
  • Hunting - outstanding deer and elk hunting.
  • Rock Hounding - jade and agate are found in surrounding areas.
  • Wild horses - can be seen in and around the area year-round.
  • Fishing - brook trout fishing in the east fork of Cottonwood Creek at Cottonwood Campground.
  • Mountain Biking - ride the Green Mountain loop road with a side trip to Wild Horse Point. Begin at U.S. Highway 287 and ride the entire loop road-approximately 31 miles. A trip to Wild Horse Point is eight miles one-way from Cottonwood Campground.
  • Fremont County Picnic Area - located on the west loop of Green Mountain Road.