Sweetwater Wilderness Study Area near Lander, Wyoming. Mountain biking near South Pass, Wyoming. Wildflower near Lander, Wyoming. Miners Delight cabin near South Pass, Wyoming. Copper Mountain Wilderness Study Area near Lander, Wyoming.
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Lander Field Office

Grazing Management

The Lander Field Office administers 300 grazing allotments with 280,000 permitted active animal unit months (AUMs) of livestock forage on 2.5 million acres of public land. 

Under the umbrella of the of the Lander Resource Management Plan, management of grazing allotments are prioritized based on the classification of the allotments into one of three management categories; Improve (I) , Maintain (M), and Custodial (C). These categories broadly define management objective of the BLM administered public lands in the allotment.

Livestock grazing is managed is accordance with the principles of multiple use and sustained yield embodied in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (1976) and the Taylor Grazing Act (1934). BLM's specific objectives and procedures for managing livestock grazing are contained in the agency's grazing regulations. BLM's grazing regulations were revised in 1995 to ensure that livestock grazing is conducted in a manner that will sustain or improve the fundamental ecological health of public rangelands.

Standards for Healthy Rangelands & Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management

In accordance with the revised grazing regulations, BLM Wyoming uses statewide Standards for Healthy Rangelands & Guidelines for Livestock Grazing Management. The Lander Field Office is currently conducting assessments of all grazing allotments to determine if the Standards for Rangeland Health are being achieved. If an assessment determines that an area is not meeting the standards for rangeland health, the office prepares an analysis that identifies opportunities and methods to adjust grazing management and initiate the changes needed to make significant progress in improving rangeland health.