Cody Field Office

Right-of-Way Application Procedures


The Cody Field Office provides the following information to assist and advise you regarding the acquisition of rights-of-way (ROW) across public land. Refer to the site Obtaining a Right-of-Way on Public Lands for more information.


Processing & Monitoring Fees

Rent For Use of Public Land

Processing Times

Processing Times

  • If the area has pre-existing impacts or little to no proposed new impacts to land or resources, expect 3 months.
  • For projects proposing new disturbance, expect 4 to 6 months or more depending on size of the project and other workload needs.
  • Contracting for NEPA compliance and collection of land or resource data may be required of the applicant on large or complex projects.

Right-of-way Grant

  • The grant and applicable stipulations will be offered to applicant for review prior to issuance. Signature by applicant confirms agreement to the terms and conditions. A construction (performance) bond may be required.
  • The grant is issued only for a specific use on public land as stated in the right-of-way.
  • The grant will usually be issued for a 30 year term.
  • The grant may be renewed.
  • Grantee responsibilities continue after termination until facilities are removed or site reclamation is complete.
  • Reclamation bonds may be required.
  • Please indicate if the Field Manager's (grantor's) signature is to be notarized. This is required if the grant is to be recorded at the local county courthouse.

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