Casper Field Office

Hunting on Your Public Lands

Wild turkeys.

The Casper Field Office manages the public lands in Natrona, Converse, Platte and Goshen counties. Access to the public lands (BLM, Forest Service, state) is mostly straightforward - lands that can be accessed via public road, right-of-way, or easement, are available for hunting. You need to have permission from the private landowner to cross or access private land.

Camping is allowed on BLM and Forest Service lands and is limited to 14 consecutive days. Most often, no facilities are available. However, campgrounds are located in Casper, Douglas, and Wheatland within a short drive to most hunting areas.

Mule deer.

Vehicles are restricted to existing roads on public land. Most landowners are willing to let hunters park and walk into an area to hunt. Although 4-wheel ATVs are handy for hauling out game, the same rules as other vehicles apply.  

Hunting and trapping near developed recreation sites and areas is not allowed. Remember, it's illegal to shoot from or across any graded or public road or to shoot from a motor vehicle. We recommend leaving a trip schedule with someone and wearing adequate clothing.

If you have any questions concerning access to public lands administered by the BLM you can call 307-261-7600 in Casper.

To avoid conflicts, anyone using public lands needs to have a good land status map. Knowing how to read it is imperative for hunters wanting to access public lands. Land status maps show private lands and lands administered by the BLM, the State of Wyoming, and the Forest Service (including National Grasslands, administered by the Forest Service). These maps are available from the BLM office (printable order form ) and some local sporting goods stores. If there have been land exchanges or sales in recent years, most maps will not reflect this change in status, so hunters need to be aware of these before they hunt.

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