Casper Field Office

Goldeneye Wildlife & Recreation Area

This area is 29 miles northwest of Casper and contains 1,153 acres, of which 488 are covered by the reservoir. Goldeneye is an excellent example of a cooperative management effort with three different landownerships being managed as one unit--733 acres of public land; 280 acres of state land; and, 140 acres of private land.

The area is accessible year-round.  Recreation facilities include a 1-mile graveled access road, a graveled parking area for 130 vehicles, a boat-launch ramp, a two-unit vault toilet, informational signs, and an established picnic area. Boating, wind surfing, and swimming also occurs on the reservoir.

Visitors to the area have been known to catch some good trout and walleye from the reservoir.  If you plan to visit the area in the winter, you should be aware of certain winter fishing regulations.  According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, the reservoir is under the "Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision."  This provision allows anglers to use up to six lines during the ice-covered period, but only when the angler is fishing through the ice. Otherwise, general creel and possession limits apply at Goldeneye, as well as all other general regulations.  Further, anglers should be aware that just because Goldeneye is under the Special Winter Ice Fishing Provision, it does not mean live baitfish can be used. In fact, live minnows are prohibited at Goldeneye, but dead minnows may be used . More information on fishing regulations can be found at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's website.

Upgrades to the access road, a universally accessible toilet, and new boat ramp are planned.