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Sagebrush fire
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The Buffalo Field Office houses a single engine fire station with initial attack responsibilities on the northern portion of the Eastern Wyoming Fire Zone. This station is managed and administered as an outstation of the Casper Dispatch Center. When available the Buffalo engine and crew become a national resource and travel to fires outside the Eastern Zone. The Buffalo Field Office is also home to several personnel who assist with large fire support during the busy season.

The Buffalo Field Office also assists with the planning, implementation and support of prescribed burning within the Eastern Zone. Select areas are identified and treated with fire under controlled conditions to reduce fuel loading that would otherwise pose control problems during a natural fire event. Prescribed burning helps restore the area to its natural state and in return improves range management and wildlife opportunities for the areas treated.

For more information on fire management within the Eastern Zone visit the Casper Dispatch website or for employment opportunities on the Buffalo crew, go to Quick Hire.

Drip torch

sage fire
Sagebrush fire
Controled burn