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Buffalo RMP Revision
Buffalo RMP revision

Buffalo Travel Mgmt. Planning - 05/2014

Buffalo RMP & Associated Documents

Maintenance Actions - updated 11/05/13

Fortification Creek Area RMP Amendment - 2007

Powder River Basin Oil & Gas Project RMP Amendment - 2003

Buffalo RMP update - 2001 (3.50mb)

Buffalo RMP - 1985 (2.01mb)
The Buffalo Resource Management Plan (RMP) was originally completed in October 1985, and an updated description of existing management was completed in April 2001. This update of the 1985 RMP began in 1992 and involved considerable public involvement over several years. The information was formalized and resulted in the updated 2001 RMP. 

An RMP Revision was initiated in 2008.

Oil and gas management decisions in the RMP were amended in 2003 with the Powder River Basin Oil and Gas Project Environmental Impact Statement.

An RMP amendment to update management decisions for the Fortification Creek area was initiated in 2007 and is ongoing.

Since 1985, a number of maintenance actions have been completed. These maintenance actions were related to coal bed methane, coal leasing, healthy rangeland standards, oil and gas stipulations, grazing allotment categorization, and land disposal.