Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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Grasshopper & Mormon Cricket Control ARRA Project

Map of Wyoming showing predicted grasshopper and mormon cricket densities.

Need:  BLM wants to treat approximately 181,000 acres of BLM-administered land in Wyoming.

BLM has coordinated all potential grasshopper suppression actions with APHIS, Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture, and the county weed and pest districts. To adequately analyze treatment impacts on the BLM lands conducted by county weed and pest districts, the BLM hired a consulting firm to prepare state-wide programmatic grasshopper suppression Environmental Assessment.

Recovery Act Funding:  BLM awarded a contract amounting to $107,621.00 to North Wind, Inc. (NWI). It is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIRI, an Alaska Native Corporation and a women-owned, small disadvantaged business. NWI is an award-winning small business leader in the environmental management, engineering, and construction service industries. North Wind is comprised of more than 400 engineers, scientists, construction personnel, and other professionals who provide a broad range of environmental, construction, and engineering services. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, North Wind maintains 19 offices nationwide.

Benefits:  Based on surveys of the grasshopper outbreak in 2009, an estimated 6.7 percent, 1.2 million acres of the 18 million acres of BLM-administered lands in Wyoming, are currently threatened by a predicted infestation of grasshoppers. Such an infestation would result in substantial loss of vegetation and ground cover that is vital to providing food and habitat to wildlife and livestock populations and maintaining properly functioning ecosystems.

More Information:  Ken Henke, Weed and Pest Specialist, Wyoming State Office (307) 775-6041,