Volunteer and stage coach at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteers assist with the river crossing reenactment at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteer at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. The Inscription Wall in the Trails Center showcases exact replicas of emigrant names found along the trails. Volunteer with school children at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming.
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National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

2014 History Club

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December: History of Snow Globes and Pioneer

Parties Students studied the history of the snow globe and practiced constructing a scene of their own. They also completed the salt dough ornaments begun in November. Finally students played family games from the pioneer times.


November: Holiday Crafts

Members discussed the differences between holiday celebrations on the homestead and celebrations today. Students created their own crafty gifts from recycled and natural materials. They also created salt dough ornaments.

October: Gaming in the West

Doug Cubbison and Con Trumbell shared different gaming activities which were common in the west during early settlement.


August: Use of Resources across Cultures

Club members studied the use of renewable and non-renewable resources across the centuries. Students broke into teams to research how the Native Americans and the early pioneers used natural resources. They then compared their findings to resource use today. The session ended with a discussion of modern differences in resource use after watching the film The Gods Must Be Crazy.


July: Banner Ranch

Con Trumbell gave us a tour of his family’s Banner Ranch. Students learned of the local history of homesteading, ranching, and fencing in the Casper area.

June: Muddy Mountain Tree Hike

Students studied tree identification and other lessons from Project Learning Tree. Everyone enjoyed the morning hike at Muddy Mountain Environmental Center, which ended in a tree poetry writing session.


May: Geocaching

Russ our local geocaching expert guided students on their first geocache experience at the Trail Center. Students learned to orient with GPS units while searching for the hidden caches.


April: Creation of a Casper Tapestry

Students learned the history of the Battle of Hastings from the descriptions on the Bayeux Tapestry. Students discussed how historical events can be documented in media other than written words. Then students produced their own tapestry for Casper, WY.

Casper Tapestry.

March: Mapping Potato Mountains

History club reviewed the basics of a topographic map through discussion of township-range, contour lines, and scale. Members drew individualized maps of their potato mountains to discover how the slope of hills are revealed through the placement of contour lines. Members were also exposed to the concept of using triangulation to find their location on a map.

Mapping Potato Mountains.

February: Cross Country Skiing

During February's club, families and friends took to the trails on Casper Mountain to cross country ski. Several new skiers learned how to balance on the thin skis and to climb hills. It was a wonderful exploration of winter outdoor activities.

Cross Country Skiing.

January: Archive Exploration: Newspapers of the Past

History club members explored the national archives through sound and written word during January's meeting. Students listened to a 1943 recording by the Department of the Interior concerning conservation of home resources. Then they explored newspapers of the past and identified key points of originality in the old papers. Students then created their own paper by modeling their favorite part of the old papers.

Mining for Gold newspaper.