National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

2012 History Club

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November: Homesteads

History Club constructed model homesteads using edible materials. Students were challenged with making standing buildings out of limited materials.


October: Corn Maze

History Club traveled by bus to the corn maze. Everyone wandered through the mazes and enjoyed a day outdoors playing in the corn.

Corn Maze.

September: Wyoming Expo

History Club enjoyed another informative day at the Wyoming Heritage, Hunting, and Fishing Expo. Students learned many lessons and are now better prepared to play outdoors.

Wyoming Expo.

August: Martin's Cove

History Club visited Martin's Cove and pushed handcarts on the trail. Walking through the sand was difficult and everyone was relieved that the carts were not packed full.

Martin's Cove


July: Trail Life

History Club experienced a day on the Trail at the Merchant’s Ranch. Activities included wagon rides, horseback rides, live music and lessons on trail life.

Trail Life.

June: Flower Pressing

Everyone hiked Muddy Mountain looking for interesting wild flowers. Guidebooks helped identify species and participants sketched and preserved a specimen.

Flower Pressing.

May: Invasive Species-Weeds

History Club investigated invasive weeds and weed removal methods. Then students planted starters for native grasses.


April: Homesteading

2012 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Homestead Act. Club members learned about the basics of the Homestead Act through the interactive children’s video found on the Homestead National Monument’s web-site. Then everyone went outdoors and became homesteaders. Members had to survey their homestead boundaries, file a claim with the Land Office, develop their homestead, and prove-up on their claim.


March: Packing the Wagon

Packing the wagon was one of the most difficult preparations for the journey westward. Members tested their planning skills by sorting through supplies and packing for a westward journey. Teams experienced trials on route and had to adjust their wagons to accommodate difficult situations.

Wagon packing.

February: Snowshoeing Like the Mountain Men

Snowshoeing was an important means of transportation for trappers during the winter months. Students practiced their snowshoeing ability by playing fox-and-geese, an ancient game often played on the frontier. Also, teams perfected their mountain men skills by constructing traps. Afterwards, a fire and campfire treats warmed everyone’s bones.




January: Cross Country Skiing

History Club members, their families, and volunteers participated in our second annual cross-country ski outing. Members were worn-out by a morning spent outdoors, learning to move across the snow on skis. Historical perspectives were given on how this mode of transportation was necessary for winter travel for the mountain men, homesteaders, and pioneers in heavy snow years.

Cross Country skiing.