National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

2011 History Club

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November: NHTIC Night at the Museum

Members and their friends played games at the NHTIC Night at the Museum. The games of choice were the spotlight hide and seek, corn husk doll making, and graces.

October: Corn Husk Dolls

History club members made corn husk dolls.

September: Wyoming Hunting & Fishing Heritage Expo

Members visited the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo and participated in the many activities available including claw-dad fishing, atlatl throwing, heritage games and much more.

August: Apple Betty

Members learned how to make Apple Betty in a Dutch oven in our outdoor cooking adventure at the Muddy Mountain Environmental Center. (Next time we will remember the sugar and cinnamon!) Animal groups and naming of the young lessons were given sitting on logs in the forest; and members constructed play forts with downed logs and branches.

July: Martin's Cove

Push handcarts the way some Mormon's did on their way to Salt Lake City. Members enjoyed a guided tour of the site and pushed handcarts on a little excursion to picnic beside Devil's Gate.

Martin's Cove.

June: Muddy Mountain Clean-up

Cleaning up the areas we love and enjoy is important to wise stewardship. Club Members spent several hours cleaning at the Muddy Mountain Environment Center. Afterwards, games and picnicking commenced.

Muddy Mountain Clean-up.

May: Farm Life

Members viewed the traveling exhibit “Farm Life” at Fort Caspar and listened to a presentation on a child’s Wyoming ranch life. Dressing the calf was the favored highlight.


April: Period Clothing

Our guest speaker, Jean Smart, taught the kids about the function of period clothing. Members then worked together to get dressed. We also worked with natural dyes and practiced on eggs. Look at the wonderful colors we created.

Period Clothing.

March: History Find

Students searched the Center to find historical information.

History Find.

February: Frontier Soldiers

Our guest speaker, Bruce Berst, shared stories of the perils of living on the frontier as a soldier. Everyone lucked out and tasted the good hardtack, the one that was not inundated with weevils or mold. We were also given the chance share the tongue scrapper after our snack.


January: Cross Country Ski Day

Members braved a beautiful winter day to cross country ski. For many it was their first time on skis. Thanks to the excellent listeners the lessons went well and no one had any nasty falls. It was the perfect time to frolic with friends and family. We hope that everyone will take their new skiing skills and enjoy an outdoor ski day again soon.

Cross Country skiing.